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Would you like to be involved in health research?


The University of Manchester is looking for a parent, guardian or family member in Cumbria to advise on a research project.


Fluoride was recently reintroduced to drinking water in parts of Cumbria.  This provided a unique opportunity to set up the CATFISH project to study the effects of water fluoridation on tooth decay in children.

It is important to have somebody from Cumbria to contribute to the direction of this research project, so we are inviting residents to volunteer for a role on the steering group committee.

The role will involve attending meetings (roughly once a year) to advise on the direction of the research, and on communication with participants and the wider public.

All members will have their expenses met, including travel to attend training days.  The role, however, is a voluntary position and members are not paid to attend events or undertake reviews.

Please contact Michaela Goodwin for more information.


Tel:             0161 232 4711



This project will make a major contribution to understanding the costs and effects of water fluoridation in the UK in the 21st Century.