Research Team

Iain Pretty                               (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust &  University of Manchester;

Chief Investigator)

Michaela Goodwin                  (University of Manchester; Project Manager)

Laura MacKay                         (University of Manchester; Research Assistant)

Tanya Walsh                           (University of Manchester; Statistician)

Martin Tickle                           (University of Manchester; Dental Public Health)

Eric Rooney                            (Consultant in Dental Public Health)

Matt Sutton                              (University of Manchester; Health Economics)

Mike Kelly                                (NICE)

Richard Emsley                       (University of Manchester; Statistician)

Rebecca Wagstaff                   (DPH)

William Whittaker                     (University of Manchester; Health Economics)

Julie Fletcher                           (Barnardo’s, Children’s Services Manager)

Rachel Georgiou                     (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust)